Monday, July 25, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears!!!!

Ok maybe not tigers, but sea lions and bears were seen.

Our camping trip to Valdez was amazing. We were definitely not disappointed with the wildlife, and the scenery. This was our second visit to Valdez. We were able to see brown bears, sea lions, harbor seals, eagles, otters, and fish. It is amazing to sit on the Prince William Sound, knowing that not too many years ago it was covered in oil, and see the life that abounds there. My sweet daughter has claimed that we need to move there. However I think that we will leave it as a vacation place so that it doesn't lose it's awe to us. We learned that it gets more snow during the winter than any place in the world, and that they have way too many bears for my farming taste. I would have to put a 6ft high electric fence around my entire property, and that isn't even a sure thing.

I'm looking forward to our next trip back, but I'm enjoying being at home as well. It is such a good feeling after you've been gone to pull into your driveway, see your garden is still growing, and hear the animals welcoming us back. I absolutely love my farm, and am enjoying watching it grow. I may not have lions and tigers and bears....but I have sheep, horses and chickens...and rabbits...and dogs...and cats...and kids ;) had to throw them in there.

I keep saying that I am looking forward to getting things from my garden, but I have already taken lettuce, raddishes, spinach, and a few strawberries, not to mention rhubarb. I've made pesto with my basil and parsley...and leafy salads, as well as just lettuce for sandwhiches. That is still amazing to me that I actually got something from my garden that I didn't kill. Maybe my thumb will start turning shades of green instead of gray and black. Wish me luck!!!

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