Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Fever

My "pet" as the hubby is calling it.  This is one of our 16 baby peepers.  He/She has had a rough few days.   It's fellow hatchlings had decided to pick it's tail feathers off.  I'm thankful that I found it before it was in real bad shape.  So it has made it's home in our hair, on our shoulder, curled up under our chins and wherever else it wants to snuggle for the past few days.

I made a separate box for it.  Not it's favorite place to be.  We will place him in there and he hops right back out onto our shirts.  Since he is healing nicely I brought up a friend for him so that has helped a lot.

I have another set of chicks that are supposed to be hatching tomorrow.  I went together and bought eggs with a couple of fellow chicken ladies.  I'm hoping that they will hatch.  They are my Icelandics.  If not then I will have to try again.  I'm also thinking I want to get more leghorns.  If I get all of the birds I want I will have coops lined up down the pasture, instead of a barn and pasture.

We've been having a heat wave.  It's been in the upper 30s low 40s for the past week.  My kiddos have been outside on their swings daily.  It's like spring around here.  We have snow spots instead of grass spots.  This is crazy being Alaska.

This is my newest project.  I'm surprised that hubby hasn't banned me from Pinterest.  I am sanding our boards for our new flooring.  Spring fever is definitely in full force around here.  Fresh paint in the living room and stairway, ripped up carpet that was way past due, building a brooder for baby chicks, having baby chicks peeping in the house, it's all just a part of it.  I may write about this project a bit later, give the before, during and afters.  As of now I've sanded 10 of maybe 80-100 boards.  I have a long way to go but am excited about the finished floor.  So check back from time to time and see how far I've made it.  Until then be blessed!