Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day

This week we were asked to create something for Memorial Day. Being a military family this isn't just about ringing in summer with bbq's but being thankful for those who gave us the freedom to be able to do so. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank one of my heroes, my sister. She not only is a great sister, mom, aunt, she is also a member of the USAF and has been serving for 16 years now. I'm so proud of all of her accomplishments, and am thankful that she is willing to serve for our onto the project....

I gathered my papers, which were from the DCWV Nantucket Stack (I love this stack am going to have to buy another one!), my paper cutter, faulty ruler (ask Jen), some buttons and my gypsy.

I used George & Basic Shapes to cut the star at 4 in.
I cut "Thank You" from Calligraphy at 1.25 in, and I welded for serving from Calligraphy and cut it at 2 in.

For the base of the card I cut a 6x12 in the blue plaid, and another 6x6 in plaid.
The red frame is a 5x5in cut from DCWV Neutrals stack.

I decided to make this an easel card, so I folded the 6x12 in half, and then folded one side in half again. I then assembled the front of the card before glueing it to the base.

I inked all edges of the plaid, red and the star with Navy blue ink to cover the white edges, and to blend the pieces together a bit. I centered the star on the red mat, and then centered that on my 6x6 plaid front.

The words were a bit to bright as plain white, so I took a sandy colored ink stamper and smudged it just enough to give it an off color. Once these were all glued into place I took a wooden button and threaded it with embordiery floss.

On the base I added another red frame, and the "for serving" wording. I used two wooden star buttons, with blue buttons in order to hold the easel into place.

So there is my card, simple, but filled with pride in the one I'm sending it to.

DCWV Nantucket and Neutral stack, and white paper
Cricut cartridges calligraphy and george& basic shapes
wooden star shaped buttons, blue buttons
embordiery thread
sand colored and navy blue colored ink
pop dots for the star on the center.

Thank you for all of those who have served and are serving. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Names, Names, Names

Meet the newest member of the family. His name is...well still working on it. Originally was supposed to be Butch Cassidy...but he doesn't look like a Butch. Then went with Bandit, and now Tonto...and still not fitting. It mut be naming block because I've been having it for a while now.

Our new bunny is an English Angora/Lop mix with really long hair. He is only 8 weeks and at full grown will be about 5-6 lbs according to the previous owner. He is such a sweetie....and oh soooo soft. I think that he is way to big to be a mate for my jersy wooly, so we will still be looking for that one this summer...possibly.

Back to the name block. I've been trying to come up with a name for my farm to be. I have Rustler's Retreat, Hide-A-Way Homestead, and 3 B acres (standing for blessed beyond belief) and that we live on Three Bees Rd. Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

So as for new events other than the rabbit...we got 7 turkeys and about 12 more baby chicks. Our lamb should be here in a few more weeks, and we are still looking for her a friend. I have my clothesline up, which is a major accomplishment for me. (I've been wanting one for the past 4 summers.) Last but far from least we have started getting the garden together and have actually planted our cherry and apple trees. I'm so ready for a busy summer on the farm. Hopefully I will have lots to talk about.

(Oh and I took a spinning class for's gonna take practice but I have the idea down. Am so looking forward to it again.)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For 2 Great Mom's

We were asked to make something for Mother's Day this week at SweetSassyDiva so I thought I would make a simple card for my sisters, both who are great mom's.

I laid out all of my supplies and cut the papers according to the mat on my gypsy...and began to cut.

I used Christmas Cards cartridge to cut out the card, and then rounded the corners with my punch, the center was plaintin schoolbook, and then Happy Mother's Day come from the calligraphy cartridge.

I inked the edges of the centerpiece, glued it to the face of the card, added my ribbon and button...also the gems on the one and the Happy Mother's Day to complete the simple cards. I really liked how they turned out. Now just to mail them...that is an even bigger accomplishment for me.

Happy Mother's Day

DCWV cardstock...brights, luxury stack (for weddings), pastels, and citrus
Cricut cartridges Christmas cards, Plaintain school book, Calligraphy
self stick gems
purple and brown ink pads

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Merry Merry Month of May

I haven't been doing much with my scrapbooking lately so I was really excited when this layout came to mind.

I used the coordinations paper and distressed it with sandpaper (lightly) to give it more depth. I also inked the edges of the "sky". The sidewalk was inked as well. My lamposts are my "Maypoles" decorated with flowers and ribbons. I didn't have the right flowers so mine were made using flower brads with self stick gems. The children cuts all come from the nursery rhymes cartridge, the lamp posts from Christmas, lettering and sidewalk all came from Plantain. I'm ready for a trip to the park now so that all I have to do is add pictures of my kiddo's to it and it will be completed.

coordination paper green/blue
dcwv cardstock misc. colors
pop dots
brads/self stick gems
cricut cartridges: plantain schoolbook, nursery rhymes, christmas

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Katie had a little lamb (lalalalalala)

Here is the newest member of our family...little Annie Oakley. (She is the all black one.) Her and her twin brother Geronimo were born 3 weeks ago. I'm so excited that she will be joining us here on our farm to be. I'm getting a step closer each day. I am hoping to find a friend for her since all of her "aunts" had rams this year. She is a pure shetland. I am so excited to be able to bring her home soon. So are my kids. My Katie has decided that it is her lamb, so now everyone is singing...Katie had a little lamb who's fleece is black as coal. Her daddy thought that one up so now it's hers and no one elses. As for other happenings on our farm...we should have baby chicks hatching in the next day or so, and baby turkeys arriving on Saturday. It's growing!!!!! Everyday is a step closer to where I want to be (backwards or not ;) )