Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Blessed Minute

Every once in a while I get a blessed minute of quiet. Today I had a small break from the noise and the daily grind. It was warm (a whoppin' 41) We have all been stir crazy lately, so the older girls took the younger girls outside for a while. It was much needed for all of us. We have been so busy just doing that we haven't taken any time to just be. We've got 16 new baby chicks in a brooder in the living room. We have 8 more expected in March from an order. I've got my living room tore apart because we are going to put down new flooring. (A project now on hold until we can relocate the peepers.) My hall and stairway is multi colored, a paint project in progress....and the rest of life. Sometimes things just get put aside and forgotten, other times they stare you in the face day after day screaming for attention. Our flooring is going to be a plywood floor. Gotta love Pinterest for all of the ideas it can give one to try. Hopefully with the warm spell this weekend we can get it down. I still haven't figured out the timing on how to stain it, and put the protective coating on it 3 coats with a minimum of 4 hours between applications....with 6 kids, 4 dogs, a cat and life happening all around. As for the multi colored hallway and stairs, that will get finished when I just start finishing it.

As for crafting I have an order of wedding invitations that I will have finished by Saturday. That has taken a chunk of my time lately as well. I will be thankful when those are finished. I have been talking with a lady about buying my jewelry for her store, that would be a blessing as well. I may figure out how to start my crafting as a side business one of these days. I enjoy it and would love to be able to sell it....I just am not a salesperson.

On the homeschooling side of the house it is still like pulling teeth. With me being home full time again it has been different. They aren't liking the more of a daily routine rather than a sit down and do it all at once because Mom is going to check it. I've decided for Little Miss that in order for her to be able to do anything minecraft she is going to have to earn it. That is all her mind is on most days....what she wants to build. I have found some worksheets with minecraft themes which has been wonderful. She doesn't even think it's school. My Littlest Miss is trying to do everything that Little Miss is doing. She is going to catch her if the other doesn't get motivated to learn.

My homestead, mini farm, whatever you want to call it, dreams are alive and well. We have been rebuilding since I was working full time. I'm up to at the moment 31 chickens (including the peepers). That isn't counting the 8 on order. The 8 on order are Icelandic birds. I read about them a few years ago and have been wanting them every since. I am so excited to be getting them. Our turkeys are getting bigger and bigger. I am hoping to be able to hatch some of their eggs in the summer, unless one wants to do it for me. We haven't planned on adding anything else yet. We've been talking about goats, but we are waiting to see if they pass these new Propositions for regulations on them. I would love to have them on the homestead again. I will when it is the right time. So my quiet time is over.

My littles are back and filleting salmon (playdough and imagination) at my table. They are growing up Alaskan. (and I'm loving it!) Have a great day and hopefully you will find a blessed minute of your own.