Monday, June 13, 2011

Ramblin' Thoughts

It's a gloomy Monday morning, and the umph to work outside just isn't there....until I actually get out there. For some reason walking the "farm" in the mornings is so relaxing, it makes me want to stay in the midst of it. Then the longer I'm in the midst of it, the longer my to do list grows. It's a joy, but it gets a bit overwhelming as well. I go out and talk to the rabbits, then the to the horses, and then talking to the chickens that work their way around my feet. They all look at me like I'm crazy unless I have food in my hand.

After that I work my way to the garden and greenhouse, which has it's own since of calmness, and another entire list of to do's. While checking the plants I see some empty containers and a bag of soil calling my name. Nothing like going for a morning look and ending up playing in the dirt. It must be that inner child screaming for mud pies. I don't even take the time to get my gloves on, so now I have dirt under my nails....just like when I was 7. I still have things to transplant, and to plant...but for now I'm good with what I have done. My mind still continues to go over everything and praying that my black thumb turns a lighter shade...possibly someday to green.

Now back inside to a whole differnt kind of animal (kids ;) ) and a completely different set of to do's. It's a never ending cycle, and I wouldn't change it for a 9-5 job for any amount of money. I'm waiting for the day that I make a meal entirely from our farm. I'm also waiting for that evening to come and I can go out on the patio with my sweet tea, look around, and see a farm...a real farm. It's getting there. I have a lot of goals, and a lot on my wish list, unfortunately I don't have the magic wand to make it all just appear. So for now I will walk through the animals, and garden that I have...I will stop and look at all of the wildflowers growing in our "meadow" and enjoy the colors. I read about other's with their farms, and their adventures and I relate well. It's easy to talk about the things that are good, and it makes things seem so easy. Afterall it's better to dwell on the good and not the bad (or hard) in any of life's situations. There is going to be ups and downs, hiccups, and sharp wasn't any different that not being on the farm. The bright side is, even in the midst of a hiccup or sharp turn I can go out and sit with the sheep and watch them play, or feel their soft wool. I can pick up a rabbit and have it sit on my lap. I can sit on a rock and watch the chickens scattered all over the landscape scratching at bugs and whatever else they can find. I can go to the greenhouse, or garden beds and play in the dirt and know that I will have a reward for my work...even if it is just the dirt under my nails. I guess basically it all comes down to...concentrate on the good, look forward to your goals being reached, and enjoy the roller coaster ride it takes to get there.

I hope that everyone has a great gloomy Monday. I'm going to!

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