Friday, April 15, 2011

Going Backwards

So I hear that I need saved....that I'm going backwards...and not even in a religious context.  I'm going backwards....should be suiting since I am a hillbilly.  I know that most people think I have lost my mind somewhere along the way.  I have a big family (6 beautiful children), yes that is backwards today.  I have a farm in the making and I'm super excited about having chickens for fresh eggs and meat....or sheep for wool, pigs for meat, turkeys for Thansgiving and Christmas, goats to mow my yard, horses to entertain the kids, and heck I would even like a cow at some point....yep guess that's backwards as well.  I've been married to the same guy for 19 years...unheard of these days isn't it?  I go to church most Sundays....another rarity these days.  My thoughts run on how to build a garden and to actually get produce from it in the frozen north, or where to put the animals, or how to tap a birch tree for sap to make syrup.  Then there is the how do I make do with what I have on hand....can I make it myself instead of buying it?  Yep I guess I'm backwards all the way.  Oh did I mention that I homeschool my kids as well?  If I wasn't considered backwards before that should have just nailed it.  Don't worry, obviously they have internet, we also have cable tv, running water and electricity.  So I will continue to bake bread from bread machine.  I will continue to add animals, and plants to our farm...and I can continue on my backwards journey.  Maybe if I go far enough back I will find my mind that everyone thinks I have lost!

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  1. It's ok to love life, your life, the one you chose! Awesome to be living your dream, not that is doesn't come without bumps in the road but doing it because you believe in it. We have 5 kids that we homeschool, go to church, have been married since '83, spent many years in 4H with animals such as horses, goats, rabbits, bees, crafts, cooking and making bread without a bread machine. Now that 3 of my kids are grown and gone, they cherish every memory of their childhood! There are very few things I would have changed if I had it to do over again. I encourage you to enjoy this wonderful season in your life. Have a fabulous weekend!