Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This time of year is when we are reminded to be thankful. I've been counting my blessings daily for a long time. My family is my biggest blessing.

The past few years we've made many changes. Always trying to change for the better....sometimes realizing what we had/or what we were doing was fine just the way it was. My kiddos are all growing and changing, becoming their own individuals. Somedays I wish that they were all still young and things were simpler. There are days that I have to remind myself of the way I was growing up, and try to understand the teenage mind all over again. It was hard enough trying to figure it out first hand.

I am very blessed though, troubles and all. I have a home that fits my family, food to feed my family, a woodstove that keeps us warm, as well as backup oil. I have been blessed with my farm (that is growing) a new community, a new church, with great people...that I am fortunate to call friends.

I am blessed to be in Alaska, a place that I had always dreamed of. I can look out any window and see the birch trees covered in snow. I can see prints from where the moose family (our neighbors) have trotted through the yard....taking a short cut to somewhere. I see the magpies in the trees. On really cold days I look outside and see it "glittering"...where the moisture in the air freezes and it looks like glitter falling. It is one of the most beautiful things...cold but beautiful. I can watch the sun peek through the tree branches and light up the yard, or the sun turn the sky orange at night over the tree line. It is an amazing place, and I'm very blessed to call it home.

I look out the back and I see the horses with their winter coats grazing on their hay. I see the sheep with the snow on their backs laying in the corner like it is 90 degrees outside. I look over at our little chicken coop, and know they are all tucked in...they refuse to come outside.

My farm is becoming the farm that I dream of...and I know that the only way it has become so, other than hard work, is through being blessed abundantly. Yes it has taken work, and a lot of learning...and will still take that, just as raising my children, having a succesful marriage, or anything else worth having takes.

My dreams become my goals. They change, and multiply...especially on cold days. I get funny looks...but I know that I am blessed. Anything that comes my way will be tackled in time....just like the things around here already. I'm learning I can't do it all...and there is a lot that needs to be done. I'm learning though and it will get me there eventually. Thank God for books, internet, friends, and those who have the experience to teach me. (and that is a big feat)

So don't just be thankful for.... this year....count your blessings regularly....it makes a difference in how you see things that come your way.

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