Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Banner

This week at sweetsassydiva we were challenged with a Disney theme. I happened to also be having a little girl's birthday this week. So I combined them and made a "fairy princess" banner, which is what was requested. I did not use any Disney cartridges for this, however the princess part can be tailored to fit any Disney Princess, according to color, and such.

So here we go....

I started with pastel cardstock for the crown's....I laid it out on my gypsy...this is one project that took a lot of layers on it.

I used the Once Upon a Princess Cartridge for the majority of my cuts. After cutting out the crowns (shift lock, font) I used scraps of different colored paper on the back to "color in" the openings...I then glittered the letters with a clear glitter to add some shine, and then decorated the crown with a bit of glitter for the gems. (If time would have allowed I would have cut the gem figure out which is also on the Once Upon a Princess Cartridge)

The fairies were cut in different colors, and their flags wave in different directions so that they can carry the banner for me.

I didn't want to do the same ribbon tie up banner that I usually do, I wanted something a bit different. I decided since it was fairies, and they live in the trees, that leaves and vines would be better. I used my gypsy and welded some vines together that were on the Calligraphy Cartridge. I used some flowers from Accent Essentials, and butterflies from Once Upon a Princess.

Then I could put the girls to work carrying the banner....the finished banner turned out really cute.

Cricut cartridges: Once Upon a Princess, Calligraphy, Accent Essentials
Misc. Papers

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